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FOS Natural Doctoring Sessions can draw from &

utilize any of the following modalities

for the benefit of the client:

Sound Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Total Body Modification, Touch for Health, Energetic Vials for clearing, Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping, Indigenous Ways, Purification work, Spiritual Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation, Aromas, Color Therapy and more.  Mari's Bio

Find out more about a "Sound Doctorings" Session

Sound Doctorings 

Doctoring is a word used to connotate the action of applying Traditional, Allopathic, Alternative, Indigenous, Energetic and other medicine ways for therapeutic or healing purposes. 



Origin of the Medical Profession

The Deified Greek Healer / Asclepius, was known as one of the first Physicians.  He was so renown for his healing abilities that he had temples / centers dedicated to healing where people would get cured from various ailments.  It was said that he was so great at his craft that he could literally bring a patient back from the dead. (Sounds like a medicine person, "shaman.").  He later became known as the God of healing, wisdom, rejuvenation and physicians.

Asclepius would apply dream therapy to find cures to diseases / maladies as well as order massage, healing mineral waters, sound therapy, herbs, energy medicine, counseling and more.  It is the staff of Asclepius that provides the original inspiration for the American Medical Association symbol, as physicians were the original Priests of Asclepius.  Priests of Asclepius were later known as the Druids and the Knights Templar.

The Hippocratic Oath still given at many medical school graduation ceremonies today begins:

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asklepios, and Hygea and Panacea, and all the gods and goddesses…(the last 2 were the daughters of Asclepius, and the god Apollo was purported to be his father).

What is the Real Symbol for Healing?

The Staff of Asclepius or the Winged God Herme's Caduceus?

Battle of the Snakes Article by Doctor Timothy Leigh Rodgers, MD

Staff of Asclepius: 

Healing and Wisdom

Caduceus of Hermes: 

Hermes the undertaker,

supposedly the Prince of

Thieves, God of Commerce.

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