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 past venues & Events

Agape Spiritual Center of Truth

Philosophical Research Society University


Institute Genetic Medicine; USC Keck School of Medicine


Tarrena Resort & Hotel, Rancho Palos Verdes

Subud International Spiritual Center


Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff Arizona  

Westin Hotel, LAX - Grand Ballroom

Los Angeles Convention Center

San Jose Convention Center

Los Angeles Historic Park


Holiday Inn Hotel - LAX

Jackie Robinson Center

Frank Lloyd Wright Ranch

Topanga Canyon State Park

Will Geer's Theater Botanicum

Los Angeles Federal Building


LA Downtown States Building

Shumei America, Pasadena


San Francisco, Fort Mason

Mind Valley Reunion 

One Love Festival

One Love Experience

Topanga Days Festival

Lightning in a Bottle Festival

MTV, UCLA Music and Animation Festival

The Heart Gathering- Flagstaff Arizona

Unity and Diversity World Counsel

Earth Day LA , City of Santa Monica


KPFK Radio and Benefit for KPFK Radio

Benefits for People of Big Mountain

Mass Meditation Initiative Fest

San Jose Renaissance Faire

Whole Being Weekend

5D Ascension Event

Alive Healing Arts Faire

Westchester Play House


The Onion (with K. Bach)


Unity Church of San Jose


Orange County Temple of Light

Learning Light Center, Anaheim

Lake Casitas Recreation Area, Ojai

 Guidance Church of Religious Science

Center for Spiritual Living - La Cresenta

Los Angeles Cathedral (Arch Dioceses)


Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living  - BCRS

Center for Spiritual Living - Westlake Village

Santa Monica Performance Center / Highways


School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences


Spirit Works Toluca Lake Church of Religious Science


International Centers of Diving Awakening (I - CODA)

Las Vegas for Vladimir Kekhayal -   (Cirque Du Soliel)


Olander Foundation for Emerging Renaissance

Fragrance of Sound Private Studio Space

Sunset Church of Santa Monica


Cal State Long Beach Nugget

Light Dancer Gallery Space

Temple of Isis, Geyserville, CA

Hieroglyph of the Human Soul - Temple

Laughing Lotus Events Center - Marysville

Mountain Temple Gallery - Nevada City

Follow Your Heart Yoga Studio

Paramount Ranch, Calabassas

Malibu Mtn. Retreat Center

Elysium Retreat Center

SoSpa Sofitel, Los Angeles

Creative Chakra Spa

Halo Salt Spa, Westlake

Tujunga Arts Collective

Continuum Movement

Hamma Dance Center

Moore Dancing

Diana Wong Gallery


Red Dot Gallery

Gateway Portal

Heal Within Center

Motherland Drums

Ginger's Garden




In the Mudra

Studio Surya Yoga

Liberate Hollywood

the Rose Room

Moore Dancing

  Indigo Alliance


Opium Arts



Lark Studio

Old Town Cafe

Cookoo's Nest

Frickett Center

Madam Wongs East

Madam Wongs West

Marygrace Gleason's

Mama's Hot Tamales 

Alberto Hernandez Arts

Benefit for Oasis TV

Benefit(s) for Big Mountain

Workshop for Bri Maya Twari

Grand Opening for Ya Ya's Clothing Store

Star Cruises - Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

Power of Laughter Workshops - Robert Fisher, Comedian

Performance Salons w. Leanora Panich

Various Hollywood Performance Spaces

Numerous Private Parties and Venues

Various F. Riggs Vocal Studio Events

Various Venues with Dione Blue

Various Satsangs

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