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the "Fragrance of Sound" ®; an ambient soundscape performing and recording ensemble invoking harmonic sacred sound, and experiential primordial multi-sensory states of awareness.



from the "Fragrance of Sound ®."

Fragrance of Sound is perhaps described as a recording and performing musical Ensemble /  Band that incorporates elements of soundscape, music  meditation, sound healing and performance art.

The founder, Mari, and current ensemble contributors bring a multicultural background of meditation, song, chant, improvisation, movement, indigenous dance, Native American Medicine & alternative naturopathic / energetic medicine / sound healing / vibrational medicine / binaural beats / alternative tunings / the 432 hz Golden Mean Solfeggio Tuning / hierosonics / Holographic Sound; classical, modern classical world, micro-tonal and eclectic music; interactive participation, arts (fine art, video, performance art), motivational interviewing and life coaching, leadership, women's practices, shamanism and crazy wisdom modalities to create their unique sound, workshops and orientation.

Mari is also the founder of an organization dedicated to creating a life of the sacred and authentic.  Experiential workshop offerings  are paired with therapeutic sound work to increase audience participation and experience.



I am committed to providing concerts, therapies, and educational workshops that inspire, broaden understanding of "self;" and engage human potential, participation, process, wholeness and transformation.  We strive to challenge ourselves and participants to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of being.  This is done through both ancient and innovative understandings, sounds, practices, therapies, and participation.               Mari 



The "Fragrance of Sound" ® was birthed in 2002 by Mari, K. Bach and Erial Ally.  Mari had been playing with the trio for years doing shows / events in California when Mari and K. Bach decided to change the name to "Fragrance of Sound."  In 2005 K. Bach moved on to pursue other aspects in her career.

Throughout the years, there have been incarnations of the group, one of which included Kaiumari and Dwain Hicks, who Kaiumari calls a master of modern classical and micro-tonal.  Most recently, 2009-15, Esteban Ayotl has collaborated with Kaiumari and the " Fragrance of Sound" ® and in 2010 Jeffry Fisher (Stand up Bass, author, auricular therapist, and Tai Chi Instructor) collaborated on some creative projects.  Ron Wagner, master percussionist from Cirque du Soleil - shows "Zed" and "Iris"  as well as visual artist Craig Weedling are currently contributing to the new CD release and other projects.

I hope you enjoy the music and presentations as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.




Mari MacEwen / Mac Eoghain / Ewing (Clan)

Sound Healing and Music for Meditations 


Certified Therapeutic Sound Healer since 1992

- 14 years of Apprenticeship -

Mari has spent 25 years providing therapeutic sound for healing, and stress reduction, playing music for meditation / guided meditations, and leading interactive sound circles.  She has played at various churches, workshops and centers in Northern and Southern California as well as in the country and out; touring Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  Her work has been described as "mesmerizing," "stunning,"  "magical" and "incredibly powerful."  One teenage girl approached Kaiumari after a show and  told her, "this is the music I have been waiting for all of my life."  

Mari also loves to facilitate participants raising their voices together creating a communal vocal symphony of sorts.  She worked with a group of teen pregnant mothers and one of the young women shared that 'this was the first time she felt empowered and now felt that she could do something about her situation.  "It is heartening to have someone feel more empowered about themselves by participating in a program I have created."  "I can not ask for more than this, and the opportunity to live life from a continually creative space."  It is definitely about living life as a continual Ceremony for me."

Mari has founded an organization created with the intent to share the vision of embracing life as  celebration and mystery.  As well as providing sound healing, interactive workshops and sound circles, Mari's organization, provides indigenous lineage medicine practices and protocol, in partnership with traditional medicine people of lineage, and facilitates internal Taoist practices for those of heart.  Please see some of the offerings in the PDF below.


The Fragrance of Sound  ®

MARI is the main vocalist, performer, and creative force behind FOS.  She plays indigenous instruments, percussion and color percussion including Tibetan, Asian, Celtic, African, and European Instruments.  She started playing indigenous instruments in 1991.  These include gongs, bells, wooden and clay flutes, sonajas, and ayoyotes, tubes and shells, various horns and noise makers, whistles, all things Pre-Hispanic / Pre-Columbian (drums etc.), and eclectic vocal sounds.  Kaiumari also plays a little guitar and keyboards. 

Mari was an active dance member of the indigenous group Danza Azteca Cuauhte'moc.  She currently studies Taoist internal Martial Arts under a Taoist Master, Tibetan Buddhist Practices, Mayan Practices, and indigenous practices with lineage Medicine people from various cultures.   She is Certificated to Facilitate the Taoist energetic and meditation practices of the Kunlun System (R), and has been trained in Motivational Interviewing / Life Coaching through a pilot program at USC Keck school of Medicine where she counseled "at risk" teens.  


She further has a background in Naturopathic / Alternative / Energetic / Vibrational - Sound Medicine;  and was Certificated in Total Body Modification in 1990.  She also has studied Matrix Energetics and served as an intern and then as a facilitator for Richard Bartlet's Matrix Energetics workshops for years.  She has been a practitioner and a member of the Circle of Friends - Meditation Practices for 11 years.


She has a degree in Theater and Fine Arts, and has an education in performance art, photography, costume and make-up design, and graphic arts so she has her hands in the design, advertising and music promotion / CD covers as well as the bands multi-media presentations, website, costumes and technical theatrical aspects.  

Mari has also designed special effects make-up for the Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, and many well known bands on MTV.


MARI - Musical Bio

MARI has been in the Fragrance of Sound since it's inception in 2002.  She is the founding member along with K. Bach, who left to pursue other work in 2004.

Mari performed in the original FOS group with K. Bach and Erial Ali for 14 years starting in 1990 before perusing her own vision.  Prior to that, she played in the Dialeclectics, the Ideals, with the Infamous Dave Lippman, and with partner Dwain Hicks.  Kaiumari and Dwain wrote for one of the members of the Cirque du Soleil's solo show in Las Vegas, as well as perused a micro tonal modern classical style.  Mari sang vocals on Loren Nerel's album "Book of Alchemy," featured in Keyboard Magazine, on a tack that became a soundtrack for an MTV Animation Festival.  Marii has also performed with Eva Stokes in Kaliuga, Sabrina Sayed, with a member of the famed eclectic group, the "Residents," and apprenticed under Aretha Franklin's back up singer, Geraldine Jones (Geraldine of comedian - Flip Wilson).  Currently she is also a frequenting musician with the sacred singing Ensemble: Presence Tarika Eden Grace.


Mari's Apprenticeships and Teachers  

dates indicate when I started working with them

Tibetan Buddhism Teachers                   

Ven. Geshula Tsultim Gyeltsen, Gelugpa - 1993

Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Tibetan)                      

Ven Lama Dorje  -    2007 - present                     

Sifu Jenny Lamb

Master Yuan Miao - 1994-96                                    


Taoist Teachers

Ching Fung Dao Shr  (Chinese Taoist Name) - 2007 - present

Kan San - Taoist Master                                      

Taoist Priest / Kahuna - Shen T. Ballesteros - 1992 - 95                                                                    


Indigenous Ways  


Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc,  Pastel Mirales, Dance Chief & healer - 1991 - 95

Mark Montijo - Apache Roadsman - 1985 - 87       Mongolian Elder, J W - Mongolian Medicine Ways - 86   

Celtic Ways - 1988                                                    


Other Teachers


Warren Barigian, Vocal Bio Matrix - 5 years +

Iyengar Yoga - Ramanand Patel - 1979 - 1983 Richard Bartlet - Matrix Energetics - 1989-1995

Dr. Victor Frank D.C. - Total Body Modification - 1997

K. Bach - Sound Healing (14 years ) 1991 - 2004  


Music / Specialized Education


Buddhism and Modern Psychology - Princeton University.

The Science of Stress Management & Promoting Well-being - Univ of Washington

Mindfulness Mediation - Monash University

Ear Training for Audio Engineering

Mari has earned

    Certificates of Accomplishment with Distinction in the Arts of

view Mari's certificates under About tab above

Mindfulness Meditation

Digital Sound Design - Emory University / Steve Evert

Computational Arts, Audio - State U, NY

Music Production - Berklee School of Music / Loudon Sterns

Musicianship - Berklee / George Russell Jr

Songwriting - Berklee / Pat Pattison

Site Specific Dance and Performance - Cal Arts / Stephan Koplowitz

Computational Arts, Visual - State U, NY

Creativity, Innovation and Change -Penn State U

     as well as Certificates of Accomplishment in

Healing and the Arts - U of Pensylvania

Music and Wellness - Berklee School of Music

Preventing Chronic Pain - A Human Systems Approach; University of Minnesota

Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine - University of New Mexico - Intro to, 1, 2 & 3.

Healthcare Innovat. & Entrepreneurship -Duke U

Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data - Johns Hopkins


Stonehenge - University of Buckingham - Uk

Magic in the Middle Ages - U of Barcelona

Sagas and Space, Vikings - U of Zurich

Sacred Objects in Religious Life - Hamilton College.

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies - U of Maryland

Strategic Innovation - Vanderbilt University

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence - Case Western Reserve U.

Accountable Talk - U of Pittsburgh

What a Plant Knows - Tel Aviv U.

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