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Experience breakthough in a Transformational Private program, session or series tailored to your individual needs! Mari has a 26 year comprehensive background in Sound & Energetic Medicine Healing Modalities with certifications of accomplishment to back up her experience.


Create a Custom event.  Choose from "Sound Doctorings", Sound Healing Baths with various musicians and practitioners, Mindfulness Meditations, Empowering talks, unique corporate events, Ceremony, Rites of Passage, Eco Indigenous - Spiritual Travel, various Cultural Exploratory Workshops, and Experiential Events.

Healing Media & Recordings

"FRAGRANCE OF SOUND is a Healing Music Recordings Company that delivers the best in Cutting Edge Sonic Therapeutic Recordings, as well as Custom tailored individual media for clients.  Inquire about our Custom recording options.


Experience the Power of Therapeutic Sound in Community or dive into your own Internal

Solo Adventure.  The choice is up to you.  You are safe to explore, celebrate, go deep, heal, rejuvenate, revive, and tap into your potent creative expression here.




Refund Policy  

Unless otherwise stated or agreed to after the fact, when an individual or individuals need to cancel or do not show up to an event they have purchased tickets for due to unforeseen circumstances, the "FRAGRANCE OF SOUND" ®  will offer a certificate that will be good for the value of the tickets purchased to be used at another event.  Full refunds will not generally be given due to the fact that Paypal issues a full refund to the purchaser but charges fees to the workshop facilitator for refunding payments.

If the client books a private session and pays in advance, and has an emergency, Fragrance of Sound will allow the client to re-book the session without penalty if the FRAGRANCE OF SOUND didn't turn down another booking to do your booking.  Please give the FRAGRANCE OF SOUND 48 hours notice before canceling a booking.

If no notice is given, and FOS needed to cancel another booking for your booking, and the booking is date specific, a penalty of 1/2 of the other client's booking price will be due.

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