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the "Fragrance of Sound" ®; an ambient therapeutic soundscape company that provides Cutting Edge Healing Sound Recordings for meditation and Therapeutic value to the public.  FOS also produces live events invoking harmonic sacred sound, and experiential primordial multi-sensory states of awareness with a pulse on the latest therapeutic trends as well as scientific breakthroughs in sonic wellness modalities and EEG brain state mapping.



MUSICAL OFFERINGS from the "Fragrance of Sound ®."

Fragrance of Sound incorporates elements of soundscape, music  meditation, visual symbolism and color therapy, with cutting edge sonic wellness modalities and live audience participation.

Founder and CEO, Mari Fix,was 
Certified in Therapeutic Sound Healing in 1992 after a full year, 300-hour + program completed a 14 year Therapeutic Sound Healing apprenticeship with K Bach between the years of 1991 - 2004, totaling close to over 5000 hours of study in Therapeutic Sound.


The founder and CEO, Mari Fix and current FOS events Artist contributors bring together a multicultural background of Mindfulness and meditation modalities, song, chant, improvisation, movement, indigenous dance, Native Indigenous Ways and alternative naturopathic / energetic medicine with sound healing / vibrational medicine / binaural beats / alternative tunings / the 432 hz Golden Mean Solfeggio Tuning / hierosonics / Holographic Sound; classical, modern classical world, micro-tonal and eclectic musi.  Also incorporated is interactive participation, art therapy (fine art, video, performance art), motivational interviewing and life coaching, leadership, women's practices, to create offerings workshops and events with a unique sound and orientation.

Mari is also the founder of an organization dedicated to creating a life of the sacred and authentic.  Please see the link below for an example of some of the experiential workshop offerings that are sometimes paired with performances to increase audience participation and experience.


We are committed to providing the best in recorded therapeutic media, concerts, and educational workshops that inspire, broaden understanding of cutting edge healing, while engaging human potential, participation, process, wholeness and transformation.  We strive to challenge ourselves and participants to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of consciousness and being.  This is done through both ancient and innovative scientific understandings, sounds, practices, therapies, and participation.        CEO, Mari Fix - FOS


The "Fragrance of Sound" ® was birthed in 2002 by Mari, K. Bach and Erial Ally.  Mari had been playing with the trio for years doing shows / events in California when Mari and K. Bach decided to change the name to "Fragrance of Sound."  In 2005 K. Bach moved on to pursue her solo career and later, a partnership with a well known vocal instructor.

Throughout the years, there have been incarnations of the group, one of which included Kaiumari and Dwain Hicks, who Mari calls a mad man of modern classical and micro-tonal.  Most recently, 2009-15, Esteban Ayotl has collaborated with Kaiumari and the " Fragrance of Sound" ® and in 2010 Jeffry Fisher (Stand up Bass, author, auricular therapist, and Tai Chi Instructor) collaborated on some creative projects.  Ron Wagner, master percussionist from Cirque du Soleil - shows "Zed" and "Iris"  is currently contributing to the new CD release and the project. Mari has also been collaborating with Cynthia Miller, student of Margarate Lynch's Tapping into Wealth Certified Coaching Program.

I hope you enjoy the music and presentations as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.                                                FOS


About the CEO - Mari Fix:

Mari has been based in the Southern California area since 1982. She apprenticed with Sound Healer K. Bach for more than 14 years, has written for one of the members of the Cirque du Soleil's solo show in Las Vegas, as well as sung harmonic vocals on CD "Book of Alchemy," featured in Keyboard Magazine, and the soundtrack for an MTV Animation Festival. Mari has also performed with Eva Stokes in Kaliuga, the Ideals, Sabrina Sayed, and with one of the members from the band, "The Residents." She also worked for a year or two with Aretha Franklin's backup singer, Geraldine.

Mari has an extensive background in Alternative Medicine.

She has worked in a pilot program for USC Keck School of Medicine as a counselor for at risk youth using the Modality of Motivational Interviewing.  Further, she has served as the medical Researcher and Right Hand for Dr. Daniel Reeves, D.C., N. D., D.D., Phd. for 9 or more years where she helped to diagnose patients in his practice as well as treat them. She also has studied Energy Medicine Modalities: Total Body Modification (Energetic Chiropractic) and Matrix Energetics 1, 2, & 3. She has Certification in all of these modalities. Mari has a Certification to share Kunlun Nei Gung ™ or the Kunlun System ™, Taoist Internal Alchemy, and has been accredited to instruct Taoist Internal Meditation Techniques since 2009 as a Kunlun ™ Apprentice.  She also became Certified in Therapeutic Sound Healing in 1992 after a full year, 300-hour + program she completed from Master Sound Healing Instructor and Practitioner, Kabbalah Bach long before Sound Healing was the rage.  Mari also more importantly completed a 14 year Sound Healing apprenticeship with K Bach between the years of 1991 - 2004, totaling close to over 5000 hours of study in Therapeutic Sound.

Mari also holds Certificates in (see certifications)

Health and Healing Certificates

Mindfulness Meditation - Leiden University

Healing and the Arts - University of Florida

Music for Wellness - Berklee School of Music
Medicine and the Arts - University of Capetown,

Curanderismo 1,2,& 3 - University of New Mexico,
Preventing Chronic Pain - University of Minnesota,
Acupressure for Headaches - Jumonzy,
Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Duke U.
fMRI Data Analysis- Johns Hopkins University,
Consumer Neuroscience, Copenhagen Business School,

Ancient Ways - Culture and Spirituality Certificates

Viking Sagas, University of Zurich

Magic and the Middle Ages - University of Barcellona,

Archeoastronomy - Politecnico Milano University

Archaeology, (Henges) - University of Reading, England
Stonehenge - University of Buckingham

Ancient Architecture (Global History of Architecture) - MIT

Ancient Egypt and it's Civilization - Penn University

Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Penn University

The Bible in Light of the Ancient Near East - Bar-llan U.

Humanity & Nature in Chinese Thought - U Hong Kong,

Sacred Objects and Religious Life - Hamilton College,

Book of Kells - Trinity College Dublin

Foundations of the Gael (Scotland) - Udemy

Ancient Irish Mythology - Udemy

Ancient Ireland - Udemy

Wellbeing and Psychology Leadership Certificates
The Science of Happiness - UC Berkeley

Better Leader Richer Life - Duke University

Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations - Vanderbilt
Inspirational Leadership through Emotional Intelligence - Case Western U.

What Managers can learn from Philosophy - Ecole Centrale Paris

Additional Music and the Arts Certificates
Sound Design from Emory University,
Site Specific Dance and Performance - Cal Arts,

Visual and Audio Computational Arts - U of New York
Music Production / Songwriting / Vocal Recording Technology - Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Creativity, Innovation and Change - Penn State

Additional Coursework in
Buddhism and Psychology - Princeton University

Budhism - UC Santa Barbara

Traditions of Yoga - UC Santa Barbara

Taoisim - UC Santa Barbara

Philosophy - UC Santa Barbara

Comparative Religions - UC Santa Barbara

Resilience & Science of Stress Management - WashingtonU

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance -

Monash University

Health and Well-being in the Ancient world - Greek and Roman - The Open University

Kilts and Kerns (Celts) - Udemy

Formal Teachers and Apprenticeships

Max Christensen - Kunlun System - Taoist Internal Arts

Master Tung - Taoist Traditional Tai Chi - Yang Style

Mark Montijo - Apache Roadsman

J. Wahoo - Siberian Medicine Ways

Sifu Jenny Lamb - Taoist Internal Arts

Gesula Geyeltsen - Tibetan Buddhism (Golupa)

Yuan Miao - Tibetan Buddhism

Shen Ballesteros - Taoist Internal Arts, Hawaiian Kahuna

Pastel Miralous - Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc

Richard Bartlet D.C. - Matrix Energetics

Dr. Daniel S. Reeves D.C., Phd, D.D.

Dr. Frank D.C. - Total Body Modification


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